sweetmusic_27 (sweetmusic_27) wrote,

Because what this month needed...

Because what this month needed was a plumbing leak. Of course. How did I not notice I was missing that from my life.

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Oh no.
It is not, I should hasten to mention, a constant leak, or a flood - it just seems to happen during some circumstance of taking a bath rather than a shower, and I'm hoping it's "just" the overflow pipe? But with all the shit going on, noticing that it was raining in the basement when Benet was taking a bath was pretty alarming.
As akawil says "raining in the house is bad."

*hands you a bucket*
As akawil says "raining in the house is bad."

*hands you a bucket*
Hah, it reminds me of the house where I grew up. The bathtubs didn't actually have overflow pipes at all. I didn't even know there was such a thing until years later watching a home improvement show where they installed one. Naturally, in a house with six children, this resulted in numerous indoor rains, and lots of annoyed parents. Eventually, even some remodeling to cover the damaged ceiling in the dining room.

But never the installation of an overflow pipe.
Oh, dear. Well, the plumber comes on Wednesday, and then I'll have a firmer idea of what we'll need.

Hurray for the willingness to hire a professional!
My sympathy.
Thanks! Hopefully it's not too bad. We'll find out soon.
Good luck!
Oh darlin' :( *warmdryhuggles*