sweetmusic_27 (sweetmusic_27) wrote,

The Unspeakable Chariot

...that's the name of my car. My 2001 Ford Taurus.

Monday I found that the coolant leak (the engine's been running hot in the last month, realized I had a coolant leak, called my house-call-giving mechanic) was leaking into the engine. Headgaskets and possibly cracked heads.

"As of right now?" said my mechanic, "You're bummin' it. Don't drive this car. If you had to, you could change the oil right now, but even if you do, soon it will start smoking and clanking and there's a good chance you won't make it home."

I spent the day talking to people about cars and being sad and sifting through craigslist and cars.com. Yesterday, I did other things. Today, I went with a friend to do a couple of test-drives and see what similar cars felt like. Toyotas Camry and Avalon, a Hyundai Sonata, that sort of thing. And I came home...

...to find a parking ticket on my Taurus's windshield. Hello, injury, this is insult.

Also annoying? The registration is up for renewal on Friday. Guess I'll renew it and keep the plates and change the listed car later, when I have one that I can drive to the DMV.
Tags: damnit
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PARKING TICKET okay that's just total bullshit. I am writing you a note excusing you from being a grownup for the rest of the week. Any grownupping you do is good for extra credit by which I mean WHISKY-SOAKED SEX TOYS MADE OF CANDY actually that sounds like a terrible idea BUT SOMETHING WITH ALL THOSE GOOD WORDS IN A LESS CAUSTIC ORDER you know what I mean.
IT IS SUCH BULLSHIT and I want to pay it online but the ticket isn't in the system yet. LET ME GROWNUP THIS ALREADY STOP TEASING ME WITH IT parking violation database.

I may have already bought some port and poire williams because candy drinks need it. In fact, I'm going to go make a terribleawesome drink with poire williams and candy floss and elderflower liqueur RIGHT NOW.

I'm sorry. I hate it when a car throws a shoe in a bad way.

If you're looking at used cars again, I'd recommend a Ford Five Hundred. You can get them with AWD, the driving position is slightly elevated, and it carries a ton. Also, it's essentially a Volvo, as those engineers led the design team.

I've got a 2005 (first model year) and it's still running fine, although the AC is a little questionable.
Yeah. :/ Just drove my car around the block to a safer parking spot (the traffic folks haven't come by the front of my apartment building to enforce the supposed 2-hour limit during business hours for at least four months, so I had no reason to believe they'd start before opposite-side parking was going to begin) and hauled out all the crap I keep in it. Probably the last time I'll drive it Q___Q

I'm looking at a few different dealers and sites but a Ford 500s are pretty rare when searching. There's one about 63 miles north of me, but that's it. People seem to like 'em, though. I was happily surprised by my test-drive of a Hyundai Sonata today, and pretty put off by a Honda Accord's gritty driving experience. I tried a nice Camry, and a crummy Camry. I drove a Toyota Avalon that handled more smoothly and cushily than any other car I've driven. I've never test-driven cars or really gone to a dealership before with the intention of shopping seriously, so this was a fairly neat experience. But I'm gonna miss my Taurus so much.


October 8 2015, 04:17:21 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  October 8 2015, 04:19:27 UTC

Try this search. It's for a 100 mile radius around Madison and turned up quite a few.

I liked my Sables too. (That was the Mercury twin for the Taurus.)

Edit: search doesn't paste, unfortunately. It's www.cargurus.com; just put in the model you're looking for and your zip code.

Well, I admit, the website found me... one, in a fifty-mile radius. XD
Yeah. I think there was a decent one in Waukesha too. A fair number within 75 miles, but not within 50. :)
Waukesha's not bad, but sadly, there's only so far I can get people with cars to drive me to go shopping, unless I want to rent something, naturally.

Shopping for a car is slowly eating my brain.
Ah, you see, if I were there, I would be an easy mark.

Sadly, I am here. :)

(I'm "shopping" for a new car now. It may be years before I actually buy one...)
*hugs* And I appreciate that about you.

Shopping for years? Really? Is that how people do it?
Well, the thing is that I have had to, on occasion, buy a car when something goes catastrophically wrong with the current car. So I like to know what it is that would be the right thing to buy if I'm in a hurry.

This means that I do shopping far in advance sometimes. For example, I nursed along my previous Sable for about an extra year and a half waiting for the Ford Five Hundred to come out. I've been looking at what to replace the current car with for about two years now. I've been looking at the Ford C-Max, but am not convinced that it's really big enough for what I want to do, which leads me into the Escape and the Edge. I had considered a Fusion, but when they redid it a few years ago, it became just that much too small for me. (It might be a good choice for you, though.)
Well, Bill, you were right. I went to a dealer to look at this '00 Camry with relatively low mileage: http://www.durhamhillauto.com/2000_Toyota_Camry_Muskego_WI_259046538.veh
and a couple of other cars (camrys, there was a Chevy Malibu with under 100k miles on it), when the dealer said, "When you come back from that test drive, there's another car that has more miles on it, but it fits with what you like, it's called a Ford Five Hundred."

And *ohhhh* is it comfy. It's got more miles than I wanted, and it looks like they only made it for three years, but the crash test ratings for that car are a lot better than the 2000 Camry's.

What do you think?
I'd wish for fewer miles, but it sounds like a good buy. Can your mechanic check it out?

They only made the Five Hundred for a few years; then changed the sheet metal and renamed it Taurus. The changes weren't an improvement, but it is not a car discontinued, just a car renamed.
Scott the Mechanic was there with me today, looked at both of them, and said I would be getting a good deal on either, and that he was surprised at how much he liked the looks of the Five Hundred, but would go with the Camry for reliability, if it was his money.

OMG really the new Taurus has those seats and that trunk? *hearteyes* Okay, then, I have hope for the future. Right now I'm leaning towards the Camry after talking to my insurance and comparing quotes, but we'll see how I feel after sleeping on it. :D

*hugs* Thanks for all the advice.
The new Taurus of 2008 or thereabouts is very similar, just with reduced visibility. Later models eventually diverged further when they did bigger redesigns.

If the Camry has lower mileage at a similar price, you'll likely get more miles on it. If you look though, it seems like lots of Five Hundreds have rolled up big miles.

Ultimately, I'd buy the car I had the best feeling about / most confidence in.

Good luck!
One more thing: if the Five Hundred really has a CVT transmission, that's a very nice thing, because it's a great tranny. It does, however, require a dealer servicing every 60k miles at about $500, so if you decide you like that car best after all, you want to check the service date. CVT always runs at optimum torque, so if you stomp the pedal, the car just goes. But I thought that only came with AWD and that car doesn't have the right badge. But I could be wrong!
Doing some looking at what's available in Madison makes me want to write a filk of a song from Frozen.

"Would you like to buy a Prius?
Maybe a Jetta would be nice!
We have three Smart cars on the lot right now,
And if you're paying cash we'll give you a good price!"
Good luck finding wheels! And if you get a song out of it, that's a bonus!

Good luck finding a suitable replacement!
Ah, thank you. This is all pretty weird and terrifying, yet boring.
Good luck finding wheels!
Thank you! I have high hopes for car shopping tomorrow.
Oy. Whudda day.

Ironically we're about to see about selling our Civic, but that's not on your list, plus we live in totally the wrong place.

Here's hoping candy!alcohol makes life better for a bit.

Many hugs!
*chortles* I hear ya. Candy!alcohol was pretty nice, truth be told, although it needed a bit of club soda and lemon, I think.
Subarus are nice, if you can find one (most people just hang on to them). We've had 7 of them so far, and with the exception of the '85, all have been very reliable. I rarely get rid of a car with fewer than 200,000+ miles on it, but then I usually do my own work on them. (Although, the big diesel truck will end up going in to the dealer until I learn enough about being a diesel tech to work on it myself...). :-)