sweetmusic_27 (sweetmusic_27) wrote,

The Unspeakable Chariot

...that's the name of my car. My 2001 Ford Taurus.

Monday I found that the coolant leak (the engine's been running hot in the last month, realized I had a coolant leak, called my house-call-giving mechanic) was leaking into the engine. Headgaskets and possibly cracked heads.

"As of right now?" said my mechanic, "You're bummin' it. Don't drive this car. If you had to, you could change the oil right now, but even if you do, soon it will start smoking and clanking and there's a good chance you won't make it home."

I spent the day talking to people about cars and being sad and sifting through craigslist and cars.com. Yesterday, I did other things. Today, I went with a friend to do a couple of test-drives and see what similar cars felt like. Toyotas Camry and Avalon, a Hyundai Sonata, that sort of thing. And I came home...

...to find a parking ticket on my Taurus's windshield. Hello, injury, this is insult.

Also annoying? The registration is up for renewal on Friday. Guess I'll renew it and keep the plates and change the listed car later, when I have one that I can drive to the DMV.
Tags: damnit
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