sweetmusic_27 (sweetmusic_27) wrote,

State of the Fiddler

I'm working on three albums with three different bands! Yesterday I had an 18-hour workday where we drove back and forth to Chicago and listened to new album tracks for the Tooles, then had a three-hour pub gig in Janesville. It was WONDERFUL.

I'm slowly learning to do better with the holidays. It's not easy, but I'm very, very, very lucky in that I seem to have found some smart and kind and supportive and funny and tolerant people who really and truly would like nothing more for Christmas than to spend more time with me.

I'm not sure how I managed that, but I'm going to keep trying really, really, really hard not to fuck it up, while simultaneously remembering that my friends and chosen family actually want me to use and support them when I'm having hard times.

Very soon, I will have Moxiemas. Might be singing lead on a new song! I'm excited.
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