sweetmusic_27 (sweetmusic_27) wrote,

I am a lucky duck with talented friends.

Things I should tell y'all:

Cheshire Moon released a summer EP and I'm on one of the songs (Disenchanted), and all proceeds benefit Interfilk: http://www.cheshiremoonband.com/merch.html

Phil Mills released "Mix Until Absurd," and I'm on that, too: http://philmills.bandcamp.com/album/mix-until-absurd (Talk to Strangers, Tweedledee, Watching One Another)

I got to play with Talis Kimberley at LonCon this August and there's a "highlights" video of the performance that includes three complete songs - Corn Jenny, Síar Ón Ndaingean, and This Side of The Knife, and I'm on the last two of those. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEFRGyQOjFg
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